Microsoft Investigates Reports of Skype IP Address Leaks – and my own links overview

Technology businesses are invariably making news – luckily for me personally as this is a tech site. Who’re we thinking about today?

In our first little grouping, why don’t we take a look at the sites discussing Apple Inc. and Wal-Mart:
- New iPad Ship Time Improves To 3-5 Days At from
- Apple’s Tax Avoidance: Evil Scheming, Good Business, or Both? from

What else is there? Well, there’s Google and BlackBerry:
- With BlackBerry 10, RIM Is Fighting the Wrong War from
- Why Can’t BlackBerry Muddle Through? They’re Not The 99% from

The next topics I’ll be covering are Microsoft and United Kingdom
- Microsoft Investigates Reports of Skype IP Address Leaks – “Microsoft is continuing to investigate a report of a vulnerability in Skype that allows someone to ascertain the IP addresses of logged-on users” – said
- Microsoft Rebrands Ads To SMBs As “Bing, powered by Bing and Yahoo! Search” –

Let’s end up by checking out HTC Corporation and Windows Phone 7.
- HTC Won’t Hook Up One X Owners With Bootloader Unlock – “HTC won over some hearts a while back when it released its bootloader unlock tool for a good number of devices” – said
- Nokia Hits HTC, RIM, Viewsonic With Patent Lawsuits –

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