Twitter Improves Realtime Search While The Big G Lacks It

The field of technology is always moving. Let’s take a look at which companies have been in the news. It’s Google!

Twitter is probably the go to place for a lot of people looking for realtime info and commentary these days, especially now that Google no longer has realtime search (thanks to the expiration of a deal with Twitter last year)”, says in their post – Twitter Improves Realtime Search While Google Lacks It.

Google’s also been a hot topic with “For example, a site that houses tens of thousands of pages could easily drive Google or Bing to hundreds of thousands of pages of duplicate content (if the site isn’t structured properly)” – Playing SEO Hide and Seek with Anchors and Duplicate Content – 2 Site Structure Problems to Avoid

More commentary on Google: “When Google Analytics announced their new social reports at SES New York last month there was a lot of online buzz declaring Google was squaring the circle of social media ROI by putting in place a more robust collection and filtering mechanism for more than 400 sources of social media data (including the most familiar suspects along with several more obscure sources most of us wouldn’t have thought to specify in an advanced traffic filter)”-
“In the past few months, link building as we’ve known it has been totally shaken up by three major events: Google anounced that they were changing how they view links (nicely recapped here:)Pandamonium!Certain large blog networks were devalued and webmasters started to receive warnings about unnatural links.Link building can still work well using ways that I wouldn’t personally advise because I don’t think that the techniques are sustainable”-

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